News: Homeworld Remastered on Steam, Releases Feb 25th

PAX South we got to see a plethora of Homeworld Remastered goodies including the new trailers and gameplay. Along with all those we also got a release date for the much anticipated remastered game; February 25th. Originally Homeworld was created by Relic Entertainment but after the THQ bankruptcy it (the IP) was sold to Gearbox who promised to remaster the games with new visuals, release them as digital copies and also to work on Homeworld 3. We haven’t gotten any news on Homeworld 3 but we got a lot of content and news in regards to the remasters. Below is a trailer showing the changes in textures along with some of the gameplay from PAX South.

Currently the remastered edition on Steam is $29.74 after a 15% discount but it also comes with the original 2 games and the Homeworld Remastered Steam MP Beta.


IGN Video:

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