Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Expansion Details

It has come time, we finally get a Guild Wars 2 Expansion after 2 and a half years. That expansion is Heart of Thorns. There are a lot of features so we’ll list them and break them down here. There is no news when it will release however they say it will be somewhat soon.

  • Mastery System – The first of the features that ArenaNet presented at PAX was the Mastery System. In this system your account will get mastery points from completing various lvl 80 tasks and missions. These points will allow you to get different abilities and items including hang gliders. These hang gliders will allow players to use the wind to get to higher/other places on maps and to complete new tasks all over Tyria. As I mentioned it is account based so if you spend points on one ability on one character all your other characters get that ability too. More abilities will be announced later.
  • Specializations – In Guild Wars 1 you had the option to select a second class where you could put points in and get various skills for that class as well. In GW2 they are somewhat implementing this however instead of being able to choose your class later in the game you will get a second specialization that allows you to choose from new skills and new abilities to add. You will be completing quests to get these specializations and the reward at the end for completing it is a precursor which makes it much easier to get legendaries. The only example that ArenaNet has given so far is that the Ranger can become a Druid. Druids will now have access to the Staff and have a whole bunch of new skills adding a new dynamic in how people play. More will be announced as we approach release
  • Heart of Maguuma – Within Maguuma there is a giant forest where Mordremoth was in wait. If you played the living world then you know the fleet flew to this Jungle to defeat the dragon only to have crashed on the top of the canopy. This is a whole new area for lvl 80’s and will feature three separate levels for players to climb. There will be brand new story, dynamic events and epic boss battles.
  • New Profession – The new profession that got announced was the Revenant. This profession wears heavy armor and is first introduced by Rytlock. These characters will have the ability to control the power of the mists into their weapons and skills. Two such examples is being able to summon King Jalis Ironhammer and the demon Malik. AN will announce more summons later.
  • Competitive PvP – A long time coming is the GvG or Guild vs Guild mode in their new Stronghold mode. Players will fight for control of supplies that will allow the summoning of troops. After getting enough troops and control of the map the 5 man team will be able to destroy the other team’s Guild Lord and win the match. If this sounds like many MOBAs then you are correct but it was a much desired mode for many large Guilds.
  • Guild Halls – Speaking of the Guilds, coming back to Guild Wars is Guild Halls. These were once giant hubs to allow Guilds to socially interact and grow. Not much info was presented about them other than the concept art but they looked quite impressive.
  • World vs World – Finally, AN has added a new WvW Borderland which has a whole bunch of different features that can be used by servers to defeat the other servers. One such feature is the human part of the map; when fully controlled, the keep will raise up above the ground allowing for it to be better defended by that server. There will be a lot more details of this to come.

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