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Marek Rosa has posted some very juicy news last week on his blog. The CEO and Founder of Keen Software House (studio behind Space Engineers), announced that the studio is now working on an additional title called Medieval Engineers. As you can now expect, the other title will be all about landscape, castles and sieges and no electricity.

Here’s the official announcement video:


The game is in early alpha, without any buying possibility just yet, but Marek Rosa claims they will soon move onto Early Access Game on Steam. Now, a little bit more about the game itself, the game will not only let you construct buildings like for example Minecraft lets you, but additionally to that, you will have an option of siege machines. from the video provided, construction of a castle actually seems easier than that of a trebuchet. Then again, we don’t know yet how customizable those will be. In comparison, ships do not need to have a specific point and place for thrusters, energy source or even control option, it just follows a simple pattern of “make sure thrusters point every direction on X:Y:Z 3D plane” and you are set.

Let’s take another aspect of the game that is provided within the video. Graphics of the game are actually impressive, considering the game is a vast open world, most likely will be a continuous self generating world similar to what Minecraft offers currently. The manipulation and sculpture of the ground itself appears to be a very pleasant looking feature. To the addition the VRage Engine (Volumetric/Voxel Rage) brings extensive options for destruction, which is something that a lot of games are missing.

We can expect introduction of factions in the game, so once the net code problems of Space Engineers are properly addressed we can expect big numbers of players on servers fighting each other. Also, considering combat in space is most likely already “solved” and ready in Space Engineers through hand machine gun, turrets and rocket launchers, the combat in Medieval Engineers may be slightly more complicated than that. Imagine having bows in the game, how will this be address? Will it just be point and click or is there going to be slightly more emphasis on it, and take pressure into account, similar to trebuchet, will the authors have a predestined flight of objects or will this work more in a way of “Crush the Castle”, where you first set machine in motion and then release the projectile to have it land differently?

Elements will be a big difference from Space Engineers. From the interview with Aaron from LastStandGamers, Marek Rosa says water will not create a new water surface, but if grabbed by a bucket or machine will stay in that particular container. Fire will weaken wooden structures, and also Gravity will be a big concern. You will need to provide a proper support for your constructions in order for it to stay where it is supposed to. Just seems like the past was much more complicated than Space Engineers are.


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