News: Microsoft Windows 10, Directx 12 and Fable Legends

During the Microsoft presentation of Windows 10, Msoft announced a few things in regards to gaming on Windows 10. One of those was Directx 12. Though it will be exclusive to Windows 10, Msoft promises that it will create a performance increase in CPU based games of up to 50%. Around the same improvement that Mantle has given AMD users. The unfortunate part however is that in order to utilize Directx 12, you will need to get a brand new video card however most cards should still be able to use some of the API’s improvements.

Another feature of Windows 10 was the Xbox app that will come pre-installed on all Windows 10 installs. This feature allows for you to keep track of all your games including Xbox One and PC games along with your gamertag, game/news feed and even being able to play cross platform. Yes, Msoft is finally allowing cross-platform play. How this will be done however is unclear but most surmise that you will play on the PC through your Live account. This might create problems for the different input devices that PC and Xbox use however we’ll come to that bridge when we get to it. In order to demo the cross platform play, Msoft showed off Fable Legends. In the process of demoing the game they essentially announced that Fable Legends would be coming to PC. Where you can buy it once again is unclear; however, it will also be a Windows 10 exclusive. That worked great for that game that was Vista exclusive due to Directx 10….. what was the name of that game again?

fable legendsfable legends

Now a lot of this sounds like a problem. Directx 12, Xbox App and Fable Legends all exclusive to Windows 10? Well you are in luck because for the first year you may upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 for free. They are also releasing a new build of Windows 10 that also comes with their newly implemented Cortana next week. So if you want to get your hands on several of these features now you don’t need to wait long.

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