News: GOG adds 6 more Lucasarts classics

GOG has added 6 more lucasfilm/arts classics including 3 digital premieres. Those games include X-Wing, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Galactic Battlegrounds (One of my personal favorite rts’s), Dark Forces, Kotor II and Battlefront II. X-Wing and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter are classic space sims that put you in the seat of the pilots of the rebel alliance or the empire in order to complete missions with various fighters. Galactic Battlegrounds was one of the first Star Wars rts games. It is essentially AoE II with a Star Wars skin, very much worth it. Also seeing how a used copy of Galactic Battlegrounds was going for $50 and new copies were $100+, this is great timing for the digital release of the game.

galactic battlegrounds

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