Personal Review: Hyper-X Cloud Headset

What kind of black magic is this? A headset with glowing reviews and a low price? A headset that promises comfort, quality, affordability and the all important style? Why surely this must be a lie. But its not, and I can attest to that.



Shortly after Thanksgiving, while rolling around in the all-to-well-known “Turkey-Coma,” I decided to take a look at some of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Personally I am not much of a shopper. I tend to see something I like or want, and if the price is good enough, will buy it. So while naturally flicking through’s electronics section I noticed quite a few good deals, From a Corsair M65 on sale for less than 40 bucks, to the glorious Logitech G930 on sale for 79.99. As some readers may know the G930, and its corded counterpart the G35, are regarded as Logitech’s flagship headsets often earning high reviews and high purchases. I know our very own Freelancer has very valid experience with these headsets and he was one of the first to recommend them to me. Upon his recommendation, and others’, I began to think about purchasing a new headset. I already own a SteelSeries 5HV3 and I thought that was enough. Its mic quality was great and it was pretty comfy on my head, but I longed for something else and was told the G930 would fill that void.

However, as I was about to click on that “add to cart” button something caught my eye. The Hyper-X Cloud. But it wasn’t just called that, no no. It was labeled :

“HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset #1 Gaming Comfort for PC/PS4/Mac/Mobile.”

This made me laugh. It made me laugh immensely. How could a brand I had never heard of possibly be the best? I immediately clicked on it to read the reviews, and I was quite astonished. They were glowing. Newegg had it labeled with 4 out of 5 eggs while the G930 wireless had 3 out of 5, and the G930 wired had the same grade of 4 out of 5. This confused me, so I decided to do what any good consumer does: Google it. I did, and what I found was enough to interest me. LinusTechTips did a review and it was glowingly positive. TechSyndicate did as well with the same results. I couldn’t help but to think that maybe this company had paid for these ratings and reviews. But it is now clear they definitely HAD NOT.  So I decided to take a gamble. I bought a pair for the modest sale price of $59.99 and I can honestly say they are worth double that. The packaging alone may be worth that. A fully reinforced box, foam inserts securing the headset for a proper display, it is truly a mark of quality.




The sound is great. Great for a headset that is. Headsets often suffer from an issue with sound. They are great for games, with gunshots and footsteps and audio cues, but with music its different, suddenly the bass isn’t good enough or the treble is too high. And in all honesty, the Cloud is no different. It is bassy, but not quite bassy enough. Its treble is well balanced and clear with minimal distortion or ringing. But this is when comparing it to headphones or earphones. When acknowledged for its sole role as a gaming headset it is a truly remarkable headset, and when coupled with an equalizer it becomes godly.

The full seal earcups seal in the sound and block nearly all outside noise all while being very comfortable. In fact, inside the box you are given 4 earcups, 2 leather and 2 microfiber plush. Although the earcups are difficult to remove and put on, there is little need to mess with them as the default leather one are extremely comfortable.

In the box, you also get several adapters including : a airplane adapter, a single aux adapter for phone usage, a length extender for PCs that had back inputs, and a audio control box for controlling volume and the microphone status. Where as most newer headsets have retractable microphones, the Cloud does not. Instead it has a removable mic feature where you can fully remove the mic boom, allowing you to use this in public without looking looking like a 1990’s hollywood movie hacker. Or if you dig the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible look, I guess you could leave it on.

The build quality is quite amazing. The earcups are full aluminum, with the headband being a very sturdy mix of leather and plastic. The headband is very comfortable and can be adjusted like most headphones. In all my usage I have very little complaint about uncomfortablity. I tend to use this headset almost exclusively at home or on roadstrips, sometimes in place of traditional headphones or earphones and although it is not meant for music and is subpar in that aspect, I can say I do prefer them over Beats by Dre.

Now for the problem, yes a problem – the microphone. Its cool, its removable and it is flexible but its static-y. It tends to have a hard time picking up my hard ‘s’ sounds and gives a bit of a feedback. For me this is an issue as “S” is an important letter for me, and the feedback becomes unbearable after some time. In fact this headset, when coupled with CS: Source and Voice_loopback 1, has actually made me very self aware of my speech pattern and “S” pronunciation. But maybe its not me, maybe its just because the mic is just – too good. Its a very sensitive mic, I actually have the mic a full 4 inches from my mouth and it picks up everything I say. So maybe its not all that bad for some. With a little tweaking, this headset could be the best on the market.


TL;DR Version


  • VERY comfortable
  • Very Sturdy
  • Neat packaging
  • Braided Cord
  • Great sound for a headset
  • Great price point at $99.99
  • Removable microphone boom



  • The sharpness of the “S” pickup
  • The mic could use some improvement
  • No USB version 🙁
  • No equalizer software due to analog connection




Sound Quality8.5
Price Point9
Microphone Quality7
Overall this is a wonderful headset. It is a phenomenal value for a headset, with great sound quality and comfort. However one must keep in mind this is a headset orientated for gaming and should be addressed as such. Having previously owned headsets in the same price range I can say I honestly favour the HyperX Cloud over them. As earlier stated, with a little tweaking to the microphone, this could easily be the best headset on the market for this price range.

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