News: Hellblade Announced for PC


Ninja Theory today announced that their independent AAA game, Hellblade would be coming to PC (it was previously a PS4 only game). Ninja Theory has been known for games like Heavenly Sword, the DMC reboot and Enslaved. It is probably safe to assume that Hellblade will be an combo hack and slash much like the other games with unique art style and great characters/story. I know I’m looking forward to this game myself and can’t wait to see more on it in the future. We will try to contact Ninja Theory to get more information or maybe get a few questions answered. Here is their statement:

Today we are happy to announce that Hellblade will be coming to PC, alongside the previously announced PlayStation 4 version. We’re excited to be bringing Hellblade to PC gamers and welcoming them into the Hellblade development journey. PC offers us fantastic opportunities to engage players in playtesting, usability testing and modding. We plan on grasping these opportunities with both hands to make Hellblade as good as it possibly can be for our fans.


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