Winter Break, We forgot how to News (News from the last week or so)



Sorry about the lack of any real content the last week or so, most of us here have been real busy with other items. Here are a few news items we may have missed:

  • Hatred got greenlit – Hatred was greenlit after the big controversy surrounding its removal and what type of game it was. The game received more than 160,000 yes votes; 4 times as much as any other game on greenlight. This is a big blow to the “social reform” groups out there that feel the need to censor games despite the 1st amendment protection that games have. It also suggests that Steam is very much for releasing any game despite it having over the top graphic violence. However Steam/Valve still will not put any Adult Only games on its platform. It has been suggested that if Hatred had small animals along with kids in the game then it might just have gotten that rating outside of the digital distribution (remember most indie games on steam do not have an ESRB rating).
  • Sony getting sued? – Back when the new Killzone was announced Sony claimed the game would be playing at 1080p resolution. They kept supporting this statement all the while the game was released. Later it was found that the game was not running at 1080p but was instead using interpolation and repeat pixel lines in order to emulate 1080p, the game actually runs at 720p and uses interpolation. Sony filed for a dismissal of the suit but the judge denied them so it carries on.
  • Elite Dangerous – Elite Dangerous released and we have someone playing away with his own HOTAS system, hopefully we can get him to provide some sort of hands on/review of the game soon.
  • STEAM SALE!!!!!!!!!


We have several reviews coming including Never Alone, Fantasy Life, Bravely Default, Dragon Age Inquisition, Titanfall (eventually), G910 Orion Spark, Note 4, Moto X, full Moto 360 review and several other games. These will all be out before we announce some of the winners of our game awards. Have a good Winter Break and we’ll see you in 2015

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