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DmC Devil May Cry may not have lived up to the hopes from a lot of long time fans of the series but the reboot in my honest opinion is still a fantastic game. There are some problems with the gameplay but overall the game is fantastic and is a must own in anyone’s library.

DmC is a combo based Hack and Slash, Action Adventure game that is a reboot of the long running series Devil May Cry. In this game you play as Dante, a half demon/half angel Nephilim that while learning about his origins fights his way through demons to get to the demon king. As stated since DmC is a hack and slash combo game you must master combos of various weapons in order to kill waves of demons and get a higher combo score. This Combo score is scored on a lettering system which is in the order of Dirty, Cruel, Brutal, Anarchic, Savage!, SSadistic!! and SSSensational!!!. The higher the combo score the more XP you get in order to upgrade Dante’s weapons which include his sword, Rebellion, his demon weapons Arbiter (Axe) and Eryx (Gloves), his angel weapons Osiris (Scythe) and Aquila (Shuriken) and his ranged weapons Ebony & Ivory, Revenant and Kablooey. Along with upgrading these weapons you have the ability to unlock new combos that you can use to more effectively kill demons and get a higher combo score.

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In order to get a higher combo score you must mix up combos and weapons without getting hit by an enemy. Despite it being a bit complex it is nowhere near the complexity of the original Devil May Cry games which is a big reason a lot of long time fans were not happy about the reboot. Along with the dumbing down of the combat it is also a lot easier to get a SSS rank which takes a lot of the challenge out of a hack and slash combo game. Another quirk that was a problem with this game was the color coded enemies. This severely limited your options of what weapons you could use against an enemy. Though it added a little layer of complexity to the combat it was more of an irritant that something enjoyable. Otherwise the combat was a lot of fun and I got a huge satisfaction of killing enemies and using various combos while fighting.

One more thing to add is that in the original Devil May Cry series, the player was forced to go through very monotonous jumping puzzles that really served no purpose being in the game. DmC improved on this greatly and despite it still having the jumping puzzles they are a lot more satisfying. For example, at one point you are in limbo mode while Vergil and Kat are in the real world. All during this time the world around you is falling apart and while jumping around and fighting enemies you have to help them avoid obstructions that would kill them. Just seeing the world crumble and try to defeat you itself is fascinating and a lot more fun than the puzzles in the original series.

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As I mentioned before you play as Dante, a half demon/half angel Nephilim, who was pulled into a Limbo one day after he met Kat. Limbo is a parallel world to the real world where the demons live. This is the only place that Dante can actively fight the demons and use his powers to stop them. After his initial fight he is brought before Vergil who informs him that he is a Nephilim and that Vergil is his twin brother who runs an organization called “The Order”. Vergil explains that their ultimate goal is to bring down the demons ore more specifically the Demon King Mundus who has been searching for Dante because he knew Dante was a Nephilim.

The reboot did a great job of bringing back the characters and giving them a whole different spin. In the original series Dante was an egocentric maniac that was overconfident and used to fighting demons. In the reboot, they show him in his younger more naive state that is just learning about his origins and what it means to him to be a Nephilim. I found the story absolutely fascinating and was quite engaging especially the character development of Dante himself. He started out as someone who only cared about himself, drank and partied all the time and changed into someone that began to find compassion for his friends and for others.

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Now this game being a couple years old doesn’t have the best graphics but they are still very good. On top of that, Ninja Theory did an absolutely fantastic job differentiating between the living world and Limbo. When you are out in the living world, it is very dull, dark, grey and boring. It represents how many in the living world are stuck doing the same monotonous tasks over and over again because they have been under control the entire time. When you play in Limbo the world is colorful, unique, full of amazing looking scenery and level designs.  You can really feel the passion that went into making Limbo as great looking as they can.

On top of that the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. It has a great mix of electronic, rock, classical and many other genres that just compliment each level and scenario you are playing in. A soundtrack can absolutely make or break a game/movie. You watch Star Wars without any of the background music from John Williams and you lose a lot of emotional appeal of what is going on, especially that scene where Luke finds his Aunt and Uncle dead.  It just complimented the scene so well and the soundtrack in DmC does the same. Along with the music the voice acting is also superb. They really made it sound like their characters were engaged and made them more believable.

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Overall, DmC is one of my favorite games and a must play in my opinion. The gameplay may have been dumbed down from the original series but that isn’t to say it isn’t still a lot of fun to just destroy the various demons. It helps that Ninja Theory wrote a great story and did a fantastic job with differentiating between the two worlds. The game may be a single player game however it isn’t without a bit of replay value thanks to unlocking new game+ and being able to go back and get all the collectables.

Replay Value7

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