News: Is NIS in trouble? (UPDATED!!!)


During the celebration of Playstation’s 20th anniversary most developers made comments about the system however NIS made a strange one that might indicate some trouble for the developer/publisher:

If Disgaea 5 doesn’t sell as planned then we might not still be in business the year after. Even though Bloodborne is now releasing the same day, we really hope people will pick up both titles at once.

Essentially if a very niche game that is exclusive to just the PS4 doesn’t do well (and break their records for previous games sold by a large margin) then NIS might have to close down business. Now this might be because of a bad business practice of making a game like Disgaea and others exclusive to one platform but with the cost of making games being so high now most third party developers really need to consider the advent of making their games cross platform. A lot of comments have been that with the popularity of Steam among various other Japanese Devs that perhaps that could be their saving force. We shall see if they decide to re-release their other Disgaea games to Steam and maybe save themselves. NIS America did try to release 2 games to steam before however they didn’t do well but that might be because they weren’t very good or popular games to begin with (Cladun X2 and Clan of Champions).


There has been an update. Someone within NIS America asked Mr. Niikawa about his comment and the comment itself was lost in Translation here is what they said on the NISA forums:

We asked Mr. Niikawa to clarify and he said that the correct spirit and translation of the comment is, “If Disgaea 5 does not sell as planned, I, as the producer, might need to leave the Japanese gaming industry. (LOL)”

Mr. Niikawa further adds, “This comment was simply self-deprecating humor and in no way did it mean or imply that Nippon Ichi Software as a company is going bankrupt or is in financial difficulties. I was merely trying to use humor in order to get the point across that we are committed to selling 150,000 copies of Disgaea 5.”

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