News: CoD AW restricting texture resolution based on VRAM

I got Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare today and while playing the game I noticed how terrible the textures looked. No messing around with the settings including turning the cache items on/off changed anything. Then a friend mentioned something to me that didn’t make any sense but was worth a try. I have a 780 ti with 3gb of vram. Now I know the recommended on the specs is a 760 at 4gb but my 780ti should blow that card out of the water. Since the only card out there that is better than the 780ti is the 980, it should be able to play this game at max (I also have a 5820k). I couldn’t fathom that the game itself was restricting texture resolution based on vram as that is just bad programming. I decided to load in my old 670 FTW with 4gb of vram to test my theory.

What do you know, the texture resolution is vastly better. So Sledgehammer/Activision made a game that is setting its texture resolution based on a vram number despite how much better that memory clock might be. This is just terrible programming/porting to me and smells of the CoD Ghost Ram requirement all over again. Whether or not Sledgehammer will patch this is unknown but a lot of the port reviewers have not noticed this due to the fact that most of them have more than 4gb of vram.  Here are my screenshots of the differences:

**EDIT** We have noticed that this isn’t specifically tied to texture resolution but in fact the various options in general. The game must have an internal calculator of vram, if you go over the allotted vram of your card by increasing different options then the game will automatically lower the texture resolution. I lowered the supersampling on my 780ti from 8x to 4x and got rid of the filmic SMAA and the texture resolution went back up to max. This is a terrible way to program as this doesn’t take into account some cards are better at accessing their vram than others. A game should never be restricting itself based on what card you have but should be up to the user on how he wants to play the game.





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