News: Ghost in the Shell Game Announced

A trailer has been released for the gameplay of Ghost in the Shell Online by Nexon. From the looks of it, it looks like your generic F2P counter-strike that Nexon has made in the past just with Ghost in the Shell skills and skins. As a huge GitS fan this whole trailer felt wrong. If you aren’t familiar with the show, the Ghost in the Shell series is set in 2029-2035 where the main characters are a part of a public security group in Japan called Section 9. They use their unique talents to solve high level corruption and crime that only they are capable of. However there is only a few of them and they themselves understand this limit. In the show they even mention they are weak against high numbers of enemies and when they did have to fight a large enemy force they created a ruse so they could escape. They never once actually made an attempt to fight a large force without using traps or trying to escape. This game just feels like a play to get people to play it based on the IP and nothing more. I personally wish that Production IG would have given the license to another studio that could do a proper GitS game. However thanks to the new OAV series coming out and the Hollywood GitS movie starting Scarlett Johansson, we might see a few more licenses given out.

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