News/Hands On Preview: G910 releases early along with ARX Control

arx 2

In a little bit of a surprise, Logitech released the g910 early and we were able to get our hands on it (thanks to actually purchasing it =] ). After playing with it a bit it is an incredible keyboard especially for someone that has been using a membrane keyboard all this time. The review will be coming soon but this is more news on the ARX Control. This is a small app for iOS or Android that much like the g19 applets, lets you monitor different items on your computer including logitech devices, your cpu/gpu/ram and even supported games. It works great with all the Logitech devices however the big question was whether or not the app works with those that don’t have a single Logitech device. That answer is a resounding yes. We were able to have Max and Xio try out the app (both of which have only 1 or no Logitech devices)  and it was able to work for them just fine. Now whether or not this is a design for anyone that wants to use it we don’t know but for now, download their gaming software and then the app in the play store or iOS store and play away.




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