News: Orion Spark announced along with ARX Control, Logitech

Announced about a week ago and something I was holding in myself when I found out about it at Quakecon is the new Orion Spark mechanical RGB LED keyboard along with ARX Control system for your smartphone/tablet. First the keyboard:



This keyboard is quite stylish and shall I say very futuristic. The keys itself are all what Logitech is calling Romer-G mechanical switches which is a separation from the usual industry standard of Chery switches. Their testing facility in Switzerland has found the keys to be rated to about 70 million clicks and are about 25% faster (Cherry is about 50 million clicks). The actuation point of the keys are at 1.5 mm opposed to the usual 2 mm (higher actuation depth the better it is to move between keys but the slower the key speed). However Logitech fixed this by adding depth and bezels on each key allowing for seamless transition between keys. We have not gotten our hands on this keyboard yet so we can’t really say how it feels but we are hoping to soon.

Along side of the mechanical aspects, each key has its own RGB LED which can be changed among 16.8 million different colors and can be programmed to do some cool things. If you look around on youtube you can already see some keyboards with this functionality and it is nice that Logitech is also following this path. There are also 9 programable G-keys which function as additional button selections for MMO’s and other games. Five are on the left side with 4 above the F1-F4 keys. As it should be imagined this keyboard should be comparable with all other features to the g19 in that it’ll have passthrough USB ports along with (strike that, no USB passthrough) a windows key control switch and several media function buttons.

ARX Control

The new thing that I’ve been holding onto for a while that I’ve been wanting to talk about for some time, darn those NDA’s (even if it was verbal), is the ARX Control and soft docking station for phones. This device is a replacement for their g19 screen as combining the g19 screen along with mechanical keys would have made a too high price point for a keyboard. So why not use a device that everyone should have anyway, especially gamers, a smartphone. The ARX Control will function much like the g19’s screen in that it will give you live data including CPU usage, game information, profile controls, media controls and more.

Hoping to get our hands on one of these soon so we can get a further review but if you want you can pre-order this device now for $179.99 with the release being sometime in November

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