News: Steam Milestone and New Storefront Update


If you have been to the store on Steam recently you’d have noticed there has been a big change in the way the store is presented. You could see this coming as they started doing tags and giving you a list of tags that were designed for you but Valve/Steam took it one step farther. Now your entire storefront is completely designed for just you in mind. The top scroll is for the most part the same with a few “recommended for you” put in as well as the new releases and pre-orders however the big changes is the way you can customize your menus below the scroll window. You can select if you want to see games, software or if you want to get rid of early access etc. On top of that they have a daily updated queue of games you have yet to possibly discover that is based on your interests. They also changed the search and filter system. You can now select multiple options/tags for games and get specifically what you want in a game.

A new feature in this update is the Steam Curators program. This is for groups/individuals that do reviews and will be attached to the various games for people to check out. Speaking of the main game pages, they have also taken a few features from enhanced steam like taking a percentage of reviews and giving a broad score of a game by people that liked it vs not liking said game. This update is very pleasing to the eyes and has been a long time coming (now if they can only get better support). On top of all this Steam announced that they finally hit the big 100 million active accounts. This is a huge step and just shows how big PC gaming is despite the fact that Valve/Steam never reports number of copies sold and that is on the dev to announce how much they sold (Garry’s Mod just sold 2 million).

Check out the Update here

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