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So it has finally arrived, Moto360 the ultimate, most anticipated smart watch was released on September 5th 2014. The watch came in two versions, Silver with a gray colored leather wristband and Black with black colored leather wristband. Motorola promises official metal wristbands will be available to purchase later on. All that goodness available at an average-for-current-smart-watches price of $249 (with metal wristbands price will go up to $300).

As predicted, when the watch went on sale online store was fairly slowed down due to traffic, and at time it had trouble dealing with finalizing the transactions – few refreshes of the site were necessary. had an issue with the choice of the colors for the watch, for which they later apologized in an official email to their customers:

Thank you for purchasing a Moto 360 last Friday. We have two updates about your order:

We want to let you know that our website incorrectly showed an option with a light metal watch case and a black leather band, which you selected from the order screen.

We are shipping you a Moto 360 with a dark metal watch caseand black leather band, which you saw in your cart.


We feel really bad about this, so we would like to offer you $25 off your next accessory purchase (excluding Chromecast) at

Thank you again for your enthusiasm for Moto 360. We’re sorry about the inconvenience and appreciate your flexibility.

Thank you, Customer Support


First impressions of the watch:

Here at last! Unboxing was interesting, the gadget came in a round box, to emphasize more how unique this device still is on the market. Watch comes already “pre-assembled” with the leather wristband. Looks nice, like a regular watch quite frankly. DO NOT KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THIS DEVIL’S TOOL!

IMG_20140912_095214 IMG_20140912_095439 IMG_20140912_095448 IMG_20140912_095453

This probably was just my wrongdoing, but initial setup of the watch took longer than anticipated… And I have found out couple errors within. Watch requires a download of an update prior to usage, and it does so through the phones connection (can be WiFi or network 3g/4g). I was unlucky and impatient enough to click a funny looking icon on the phone’s “Android Wear” application that apparently disconnects the devices from each other. And at that particular time I was in the middle of the download. My watch did not want to connect to the phone for a good 3 hours. I tried rebooting, and resetting the device but nothing happened until I completely cleared info and data and then reset the watch, Again, totally my fault and my nerves at stake there. The watch requires it to be powered at least at 80% battery to perform updates, otherwise IT WILL power down, even if it is sitting there in its charging cradle.

IMG_20140912_131706 IMG_20140912_131721 IMG_20140912_131649


I had to leave the house, and while the update was fully downloaded and only being installed with vague “Please wait” message, I took 100% charged watch and left. by the end of an hour watch was down to 65%, but considering it was performing processor heavy operations at the time, you cannot really blame it for that. The watch has lasted me a lot since 3pm to almost 12am and still had plenty of battery. The next day, I had the watch on from 7:30am to 7pm and battery was indicating barely slightly less than 50%, but considering it is still more than half of the internet reviews crying that battery holds less than 12 hours, this was a pleasant surprise. I did operate the watch constantly from reading text messages, notifications, Google Now cards, reading on my health statistics so far and the goal of achieving 10,000 steps a day along with my heartbeat (which I believe is a day’s average so far) and even controlling Spotify with only two available options of: play and pause. I think that was good enough exercise for the watch.


By the end of second day owning the device I believe I have already “mastered” it and its functions so far. I constantly look for more applications that support the watch so I can use it more, but nothing so far. Watch shows my the time every time I move my arm to look at it, so it is hardly even a touchscreen task here. This watch is the perfect size for me, not to big, not to slim nor tall. I do agree the watch is slightly bigger than a common feminine watch but as a male accessory this is more than good enough. Have you ever seen Diesel watches? Those things are huge, and I do have big arms. So even though this is the most neutral device, it is most likely not a women’s watch by today’s fashion standards.

The watch itself is of an excellent build quality, it is a sturdy timepiece. Considering the latest fuss about watch’s battery, I actually haven’t found it to be a problem just yet. Considering the watch is competing on the market with hardware actually being more than 3 years old is quite impressive. Though few questions do emerge:

  • if MotoACTV could’ve lasted up to 360 hours, why can’t this watch?
  • if they used a newer processing unit for the watch with a more energy efficient specification, wouldn’t that improve the battery as well? not to mention the performance

Watch does have occasional hiccups, but nothing that wrecks the general usage. of it. I also noticed, the power button (only button on the watch) does require a slightly longer time to be pressed to turn off or turn on (if you are like me and watch breaks to get it reboot or reset). I don’t fully like the leather wristband provided by Motorola. Horween Leather is a premium product but I’ve had far more comfortable wristbands than this. not to mention unlocking and locking in just is tight. After just a day, the leather band is already wrinkled up a lot and shows signs of wear. To be honest here, I am looking forward to changing wristband to something else.

As a bonus picture, my friend’s silver watch with a custom metal black wristband from Pebble watch and mine.


Quality (watch)9
Quality (band)6

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