FG-2 News: Changing Reviewing Policy

Due to requests to have a more complete reviews, we here at FG-2 are going to be changing our reviewing policy for the bigger games. As it is right now since we are still fairly new and are all just gamers that write (not gaming journalists), we can only play what we can afford. However most of us end up getting the bigger AAA games and the hit indie games. With that being said we are going to be running our reviews a little differently. Starting with Shadow of  Mordor, there will be what we will be calling a “red team” (thanks exige =]). This team, more than likely just 1 other person, will also play the game apart from the main reviewer. There will be no contact between the two and after they have both beaten the game (church you need to actually finish games), they will get together and discuss their points to each other. This will create a more complete review and will allow for both criticisms and positives of the game in question. Hopefully this will allow for better, more complete and unbiased reviews in the future and that you can fully trust us when we say “The game is really good… GOTY!!!!!”

Sorry about missing the podcast, we will run one tonight and hopefully have it up tomorrow. The site will also be down due to maintenance tonight with perhaps a little surprise when it comes back up =]

Thanks All!!!!

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