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the show vita


San Diego Studios third installment of The Show means it will be a test to see what three years of practice can do for the Playstation Vita portable. Does it hit a home run? Lets take a look.

The features that are included in the vita version are amazing. Cross save means you can take your player to the console version, RTTS (Road to the show where you take a player throughout his career from the minor leagues to an allstar), franchise, post-season, home run derby and practice modes are all here.  Quick counts speed up the game greatly to the point where you will be involved in the play, if you’re looking to expedite your players experience.

MLB 14 looks great on Vita, until you look at the crowd or dugouts. The stadiums and players are what matters here, but the paper cutouts of fans are a laughfest. Player models look great, most have true to life rituals and swings, and stances. The number of looks and actions for player models when both hitting and fielding are outstanding. From home run robbing, sliding infield stops, and diving catches, to players arguing that third strike, MLB 14 is a fantastic offering on mobile for players wanting a fantastic experience on the go. The controls are fluid and concise, while some players complain about the tiny analog sticks being a bit touchy, only with pure analog pitching is this somewhat of a problem. The classic, pulse pitching, meter, and pure analog  styles are all here, as well as an adaptive difficulty that tailors to your playstyle. A plethora of camera options mean that finding that perfect visual for anyone is possible on the 5 inch screen. Commentary is still up there with the best of any sports game.

Overall this is everything you can want in a baseball offering much less on a portable. Great gameplay, fluid controls, and an overall feel that you can really get into. My Cardinals are on season 2018 on franchise mode, where I have brought several Cardinal greats up to the majors like Ozzie Smith, with modifyable stats and current downloadable rosters this game makes just about anything possible.


The good:

-A classic “baseball” feel

-Flashy plays and realistic emotions

-Great commentary

-Diverse game modes and gameplay


The bad:

-Crowd graphics

-Lag when the dugout is shown or zoomed out


With over 100 hours into the game this is an easy one to recommend if your a baseball fan or sports fan alike.





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