News: Nintendo announces “New 3DS”





The new system will have a more powerful CPU, how powerful we don’t know yet. But it will have games that require this “more powerful” processor.

Two models were announced, like the 3DS and 3DS XL, Japanese pricing places the “New 3DS” at 16,000 yen($153 US), and the “New 3DS XL” at 18,800 yen ($180 US). Yes, the name for the new system is the “New Nintendo 3DS”

Paul Tassi from Forbes had a funny comment on the chosen new name:

“I can already imagine the conversations at the GameStop counter.

“Do you have a new 3DS?”

“I’m sorry, did you say new 3DS or New 3DS?”

“My son wants a new 3DS for his birthday.”

“A new New 3DS?”

“A new 3DS.”

“We have a used New 3DS.”

“I will take the cheapest one.”

“Ah, that would be a new old 3DS”

*child cries on his birthday*”

The new 3DS will have “better 3D vision”, with a wider viewing angle and brighter screen.

They will also have a “C stick”

C stick

Surely to put gaming options that will compete with Playstation’s Vita. As you can see this is placed just above the four face buttons.


Speaking of buttons, it has 2 new shoulder buttons called Z1 and Z2. The power adapter has moved to the back center of the devices.  Other layout changes include the power button (its now on front). The card and stylus slots are also on front.

Upgradeable Memory! A micro sd card slot that ISNT PROPRIETARY (Yes I’m yelling at you Playstation Vita) is a welcome change, as well as a replaceable battery. (A reported 7 hours of battery life)

Both models will have Near Field Communication, and WiFi.

Also a la Nvidia Shield the 3DS will have customizable face plates. Front and back, several “Kisekae Plate” designs are available.

face plates




More on these models will continue to be released as Japan will see them on Octorber 11th, while the rest of the world will have to wait until some time in 2015.

Sources: Forbes, Game Informer



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