News: Clannad Coming to Steam


Sekai Project announced that they will be bringing a Full Voice Edition of Clannad, the Visual Novel, to Steam. In my opinion, this is the first major VN to be released on Steam and furthers the platforms growth especially for the potential in Japan. Japan is crazy about their VNs (Adult and All-ages) and Steam already has a lot however they have never gotten a major one. Clannad is just that but be prepared for the many feels of this series.

If you don’t know anything about Clannad I can tell you that it is a Harem (One boy, many girls) that allows your main character to choose his path. There is one specific path that the main character, Tomoya, follows that was made into a 2 season anime and it is probably the saddest but at the same time happiest. You will be at many times wondering why there are so many onions being cut inside your room but to say the least this VN has a absolutely fantastic story. No release date as of yet but I’m sure I will post an update.

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