News: DirectX 12

Microsoft has announced new DirectX – 12 recently, and was successfully presented by Intel’s demo during SIGGRAPH 2014. The 12th release is supposed to implement energy saving multi-thread scaling and CPU utilization better by up to 50%!

Here are two pictures that compare DX11 and DX12, demo was performed on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, and demo represents rendering  of 50,000 asteroids and planetoids of various sizes all with different paths and even collisions:




This all seems to be targeted more at mobile devices with Intel chips like Surface Pro’s that rely heavily on integrated graphics rather than desktops with dedicated graphic cards. This does not mean regular desktop users won’t benefit from new release. Then again, this demo has still left a very positive feedback throughout the media.

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  • I think it’s very important to shift more of the workload to the GPU. Most people will only ever have one CPU, and probably not an insanely fast one at that. But most anyone can have a good GPU. This is a step in the right direction.