Gamescom News 8/12

Because there is too much to make several posts, we will be making updates to this post as we get news of different items from gamescom today.

Roller Coaster Tycoon World

Atari announced today that Roller Coaster Tycoon World will be coming early 2015 to PC. The big news however with this is this will be a standard buy game once and have access to all content type game. No microtransactions like RCT4 had. Check out the trailer here:


Rise of the Tomb Raider


At the Microsoft press conference it was announced that the new Tomb Raider was going to be Xbox Exclusive for at least Holiday 2015. Now this isn’t to say that there won’t be a PC or PS4 version however this is very discouraging that squarenix would take a long time multiplatform game (especially a PC game) and make it a console exclusive. We can only surmise that Microsoft threw a lot of money at this in order to have something to compete during the holidays against uncharted 4. We shall see but most estimate that this is only a timed exclusive and will at the very least get a release on PC.


Fable Anniversary

fable anniversary

Fable Anniversary popped up on steam today . It was honestly only a matter of time as that game was also on PC and was a very popular game and still is. Hopefully Fable 2 will make its way onto the PC as that was probably the best Fable in the series.




As you may have heard by now Sierra (currently owned by Activision-Blizzard) is back. As a few of us discussed that Sierra would be a rebranding of the PC division of Activision we were close. Sierra is set to become the Indie label for Activision. This will allow Activision to associate itself with big name games like Call of Duty and WoW while Sierra is the publisher for smaller indie studios. The start of this includes the return of King’s Quest and Geometry Wars sometime here in the future. Along with those 2 games Activision has stated that it has already begun to bring in other indies to be placed under Sierra


Day-Z and PS4

Dean Hall lead of the Day-Z game just came out on Gamescom and stated that Day-Z will be making its way to PS4. There was no footage or any announced date however it does seem like it will be on consoles now. This is kind of strange development as Dean Hall himself stated that there would be no plans to go to console until the PC version is finished. Sony must have just as much cash to throw around as Microsoft. If these companies are tossing money out like that to get games on their platform then they might be in more trouble than originally suspected. It seems like the consoles sold most of their copies within the first couple of months and not much sales since then.

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