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Remember Me 1

I know this game is a little on the older side but I finally got a chance to play it and I feel like it could have been one of the most underrated games in recent history.  A lot of the features of this game are absolutely fantastic and judging my articles about the game the one gripe most people had was the combat (which honestly wasn’t that bad).  To get right into what this game is about, Remember Me is a 3rd person action game with combo based fighting mechanics and a parkour style level progression design. Essentially it is like many other climb, jump, crawl games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted and Enslaved but the main character instead of using projectile weapons only uses her fists and her power arm.  Now the Combo system runs a little differently from other combo fighting games in that there are 4 primary “pressens” with 4 separate, and each more complicated, combos . However with these combos you can set any presser to each combo. The longer the combo the more xp you can get the more pressens you can unlock. There are 4 separate Pressens; Power which hits hard, Regen which heals you some each time you use it in a combo,  Chain which increases a combo multiplier making it do more damage and get more xp (these are best used at the end of the a combo) and cool down which lowers the time required to use a S-Pressen.

Remember Me 2

S-Pressens are powerful, specialized pressens that you can only use once per certain time period and must have enough focus to use it. There are 5 S-Pressens which include Fury which lets Nilin (the main character) attack with each hit being more powerful than the last, Sensen Dos which stuns enemies and is very useful versus specific enemies, Rust in Pieces is a bomb that is effective versus robots, Camo which cloaks Nilin allowing her to move around regaining health and being able to perform a takedown on powerful enemies and logic bomb which can break shields and heavily damage enemies. Now the Specials and the basic combat system albeit are unique in their names and how they look, deep down it is just a generic combo based system and can get repetitive over time and can be prone to problems with connecting hits.

My biggest problem with the game however is the buggy parkour system. As it is a lot of times the camera control can be all over the place and Nilin could miss a jump that she should have been able to make. At times the parkour makes sense but other times it feels like it was just put there to have something for the time between fights and memory syncs.

Remember Me 3

One of the coolest features of this game however is the memory stealing/manipulating and as far as I’m concerned is not used enough in this game. Nilin’s main ability (one of the main reasons she is such a sought after person) is that she can manipulate a characters memories of an event and completely change their personality of what happened during that event. During this mechanic you can go forward and backwards during a memory and slightly alter things in the room to make the characters do things including killing each other or remembering something to not be as tragic. It was used 3 or 4 times throughout the game but just the process of going into someone’s mind and changing a memory to get a different outcome was absolutely facinating.

Remember Me 4

Remember Me 5

Enough about the gameplay, on to the story.  The year is 2084 in Neo-Paris and Memorize corporation has invented a new implant called the Sensen which enables others to share memories with others, remove memories or even sell memories to earn money. During this time due to an infection and corruption of the implant, a new race of humans developed called Leapers. These Leapers are very basic in their mental capacity and are very aggressive towards non-Leapears. Enter our character Nilin who is a memory manipulator but in the beginning she has had almost all of her memories wiped because she had been captured by memorized and been punished.  However thanks to someone called Edge, she is able to escape and work to find her memories and try to take down Memorize. Throughout the game Nilin has to manipulate the memories of many in order to get to the bottom of the whole situation of Memorize and the Sensen.  The story is very unique and it is wonderful to have a main female protagonist that is the strongest character in the game.

Remember Me 6

The graphics of this game are absolutely beautiful and to top it all off, Dontnod Entertainment really did a top notch job of creating a very beautiful and realistic future Paris. The whole game is very aesthetically pleasing with the variations locations being so different showing the true difference between the impoverished  and the wealthy in Neo-Paris.  On top of that Olivier Deriviere did an absolutely fantastic job bringing the soundtrack to life to match the game beautifully. The music is much like the works done by Daft Punk in Tron Legacy in that Deriviere mixed a bit of electronic with orchestral sound. The end result is a soundtrack that I have ended up listening to repeatedly at work while I have been programming. The voice actors also do a fantastic job bringing their characters to life and make the dialogue all that much better.

Remember Me 7

Overall this game is absolutely fantastic, from the story, characters, music, graphics etc.  The only downside is the generic gameplay and flawed camera angles during the parkour/climbing mechanics. I would highly recommend this game and I look forward to see if Capcon would bring us a sequel at some time in the future.

Replay Value7

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