News: Origin presents Game Time


Announced today by EA/Origin, Game Time is a new program where they will select a game every once in a while and you will have access to that game for as long as your game clock lasts. This does not count d/l time or just having the game installed. This is time when you are actually in game. It is much like Steam’s weekend free plays however it only expires once your game clock expires. It isn’t just a demo of the game either, it is a full version of the game with a timer. This has the potential to be a great service for Origin and it is finally nice to see Origin become a strong competitor of Steam as they already have a better UI and Customer Service. The first game up is Titanfall, so go get downloading that nice 50 gig game and get playing, hell I might even be playing it sometime this weekend if I can find hdd space (darn you Wasteland 2 and your 27 gig file and Steam sale!!!!)

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