E3 Microsoft Conference Meta

Here is all news related to Microsoft’s E3 conference. I will post videos post conference.

  •  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gamepla, looks to be CG rendered to start, graphics tank during actual gameplay. Announced that all DLC will be timed exclusive to Xbox (2 or so weeks more than likely).
  • The City seems to be Seoul, so possibly war vs North Korea in the future

  • Nurburgring available for Forza 5 today for free, Assetto Corso will have the track in September though so remember that
  • Forza Horizon 2 announced, social driven racing. September 30th release date. Half Gameplay/CG

  • Evolve gameplay and trailer. Co-op shooter much like Left 4 Dead (Same creators) with aliens and 4 different classes to choose from. Also can play as the 1 monster, 4 vs 1 multiplayer. Coming in the Fall
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity, French Revolution, 4 player co-op. Parkour looks very fluid but graphics look identical to AC4

  • Dragon Age Inquisition trailer, game coming October 7th, trailer is PC version however
  • Sunset Overdrive reveal trailer, survival third person shooter/parkour open world game. Cel shaded looks like you get points for doing skill kills, Think tony hawk and dead rising.

  • Dead Rising 4 player DLC available now on Xbox Live, will more than likely be available with PC release later this summer.

  • Fantasia Music Evolve… meh
  • Dance Central Spotlight on Xbox One in the Fall
  • Lionhead studios presenting Fable Legends. Another 4 player coop game with 4 completely different skillsets. It is unfortunate but this isn’t Fable, Fable is about you making your decision of what kind of character you want to play not what class you choose.
  • Fable Legends lets you be the hero that sets up the “dungeon” to stop the heroes. Much like Epic quest for loot and other dungeon sims. The witty convo that made fable special is not lost in Fable Legends. So far Xbox One only, beta coming this fall
  • Spark gameplay trailer. Your character goes to whatever worlds have been made by the players. A game potentially with unlimited gameplay.

  • Nov 11th Entire Halo saga “Master Chief Collection” Halo 1-4 available for Xbox One. You can also create a playlist of missions from all 4 how you want. Halo 2 getting the anniversary edition treatment for 10 year.
  • Over 100 multiplayer maps, 1080p 60fps
  • Halo Nightfall, Live action series with Ridley Scott included in collection
  • Halo 5 Guardians Beta also with the collection

  • Inside trailer, same dev from limbo:

  • Xbox Indie trailer:

  •  World Premiere of new Tomb Raider sequel to the reboot. If you recall we gave this a very high praising, hoping that this will live up to the same. Coming 2015, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

  •  Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gameplay, graphics don’t look as good as the PC version from the original trailer. Witcher 2 is completely open world like skyrim. You can visit any place that you can see.
  • Original Xbox game Phantom Dust remake:

  •  The Division gameplay, remember that ubisoft lied about Watch_Dogs so this is possibly running as a PC version. Gameplay has relatively not changed from last year
  • Crackdown world premiere coming back:

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