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Here is a rundown of the news from the EA conference from E3. Videos to be added post conference.


DICE’s Star Wars game: Star Wars: Battlefront

Dice visited the locations of the movies as well as the original props to get the game right.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

The montage shows a Variety of locations, from snowy mountains to fertile valleys.

You play as the Inquisitor with a mysterious background and form a team. You play as different members of your team throughout the battle.

First impressions of gameplay seem to be more simplified than Dragon Age 2. You can also use a tactical mode to precisely adjust the actions of your team without a time constraint.


Mass Effect

The new mass effect places an emphasis on new content: locations worlds, and characters.


Sims 4

You define the personality of your sims with traits that will affect their emotions; coined Smarter Sims.

A gallery features homes and Sims of other characters that you can drop into your game.


EA Sports UFC

Opening with Bruce Lee’s “Be like Water” is a great opening. For anything.

Releases next week, so make Bruce go kick some butt.

NHL 15

Gameplay was shown detailing more realistic arenas as well as improved physics for both players and the the puck.

A new IP fron Criterion

the makers of Burnout including planes jet skis wingsuits helicopters.

first person game similar to Go Pro footage from YouTube

PGA Tour

Uses the  Frostbyte 3 engine.

Battlefield 4 maps shown as fantasy courses.

Madden NFL 15

Emphasis on improving defensive play.

More finesse on blocking and open field tackling.

New player reactions and scene cameras with input from NFL Films personnel.

Launch 26 August.


A MOBA or multi-user online battle arena featuring customizeable rule sets

Mirrors Edge 2

Multiple paths with exploration allow faster, risky paths, or longer, safer ones.


A new engine gives added realism with turf being torn by slides, animated corner flags, etc.

Battlefield: Hardline

A battlefield take on cops and robbers.

The storyline of Hardline will be like a TV crime drama.

32 player Heist mode gameplay demo looks great.

Battlefield style ribbons for gameplay are awarded.

Over-the-top would be an understatement. The destruction and weapons featured are incredible, are we stealing launch codes?

Release 21 October

Beta is open now at battlefield.com

The entire EA presentation can be found on twitch.


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