News: Watch Dogs hits a speedbump… or a bus.



Ubisoft  seems to have a bit of a stumble coming out of the box. Not that uncommon for AAA titles to have a few hiccups, but some of these are full blown rage inducing. Ubisoft confirmed that the company is facing issues with the authentication services. And players are weighing in on a whole lot more.

Players are encountering things from not being able to download the game, not being able to login, unrecoverable errors, or Ubisoft’s Uplay or even the Uplay downloader being unavailable. Others report missing textures, massive fps drops on the highest end systems, and crashes. AMD users have it even worse with skipping, crashing or controller and visual errors as bad as a black screen.

As of now the best thing you can do to help your system out is lower the game settings, and update your Nvidia or AMD Catalyst drivers, both of which have released updates exclusively for Watch Dogs. Knowing how much Ubisoft hyped this game in the past and how much they are depending on it look for drastic improvements to come as fast as they can roll them out.


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