Preview: Killing Floor 2



Well ladies and gentlemen, the day is here. Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind the brilliant Red Orchestra series, has officially announced Killing Floor 2. For nearly a year fans of Killing floor have been both demanding and protesting the making of a Killing Floor 2. The TWI Forum community is well known for its open-ness, and the TWI KF community is no different. For years there have been complaints over the DLC content and holiday content that has been added to Killing Floor over the years, with many seeing KF2 as a way to get back to the gritty horror-survival that Killing Floor used to be. Will this answer the call for grittiness? Or will this become another DLC infested, Commando Chicken ridden, spacelab filled nightmare? Only time will tell. But for now wet your appetite with TWI’s teaser trailer below.


And before I forget… Lets hope this doesn’t cost LOADSAMONEY!




“Muh Gritty Horror?”

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