Is the Golden Age of Battlefield Over?


With the recent announcement that EA will be shutting down the servers on June 30th of this year of many games most notably all pre Bad Company Battlefield games, it begs the question, is the golden age of Battlefield done for? This series is one that is very close to my heart. I remember many nights playing with friends on normandy beach with 4 of us vs 60 bots. Enjoying the battles on Karkland in Battlefield 2, the ridiculous AI in Vietnam and even taking down those titans in that amazing mode in Battlefield 2142.

However all of that will now be lost as the server browsers will be shut down for online play for all these games. Now this does not leave out LAN play but unfortunately for BF2 and 2142, LAN with bots is very difficult to accomplish. Now does this mean EA won’t come back and try to re-implement browser play or some mod team comes in and runs a server to host the browser searching? Not necessarily but for now the games online play will be shut down.

Battlefield 2

Now I return to the original question on hand; does this mean that the golden age of Battlefield is over? Not necessarily but unless there is some substantial improvement in how the more recent games are made then we might not be able to experience the fun that was the pre-Bad Company series. Recent iterations of Battlefield include many problems including net-code issues, out of game server browser issues that EA could shut down at the drop of a hat, bugs that cause crashing and numerous other problems in game and even the ridiculous monotization of  their premium service which essentially separates the community into those that have and those that do not. We won’t get into Battlefield Premium too much as in a way expansion packs of the past were the same thing but not allowing for player made maps/mods for the games hurts the potential of a true community around these games.

The problem with the recent series is that DICE tried to make the Battlefield series as realistic as possible and might have forgotten what made the original Battlefields fun. The ridiculous nature of some of the battles and vehicles made those late night bot matches and knife/pistol games fun. With the recent shut down of servers and issues plaguing the new games (though can still be fun with friends), in this reporter’s opinion, Yes, the golden age of Battlefield is over.

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