News: New Unreal Tournament Completely Free


Epic Games revealed, what we were teased earlier, a new Unreal Tournament using Unreal Engine 4. The surprising part about this announcement however is that Epic will be giving this game away completely free. Not Free to Play, just free. There will be no microtransactions, nothing. The way they will make money off this is by taking a cut of user created content for the game through the Unreal Engine 4 subscriptions. Steve Polge told IGN this: “We see this as an ongoing project with no end date, Unreal Tournament will be the base both for the continued evolution of the competitive FPS, and as a great way to enable aspiring developers to realize their visions for this kind of game.”

So we can look forward to a completely free game that will generate money by encouraging user created mods. The long touted “Mods kill gaming” phrase is now going to be completely flipped in this instance and might start a new rise in user created content for lots of other games. This might spark the desire for other companies to open up their engines to mod tools in the future as well. The new Unreal Tournament will release on PC, Mac and Linux. For more on this game, stay tuned.

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