STALKER Lost Alpha release change after playtester leak

STALKER Lost Alpha


STALKER has gained a sort of a cult following the last seven years. Dev GSC made an xray engine from scratch, intriguing fps/rpg gameplay, and a unique “alife” zone that made STALKER an instant hit with most. With Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat finished, GSC devs went to 4A Games (Metro series) and Vostok  (Survarium)  to work on different projects, and STALKER 2 started to look bleak. Thanks to a dedicated modding community several mods like STALKER complete 2009/2012, Lurk, Misery, and many more arose. undertook the Lost Alpha mod, bigger than the original game and intended to address and complement Shadow of Chernobyl.

Unfortunately due to a leaked unfinished build being released by a tester, it will be available as a mod and not an official addon to the series. Per Moddatabase: “Some testers have decided to ruin years of our hard work and have leaked an unfinished render-test build of Lost Alpha to the public. The beta dates back to November 5, 2013. This leaked version is not finished and not prepared to be released by any means. It contains render bugs that we’ve been working on since last year among the other ones that prevent smooth gameplay. In this situation we’ve decided to release the official version of Lost Alpha on 26th of April 2014. 
On Chernobyl disaster 28th anniversary you will get the most recent version of LA. It won’t be completely finished as we wanted it to be but at least stable and finishing the game would be possible. This can be called “early access”, which means patches, updates will be added in the future. If you feel like supporting us, you can donate on our main webpage, just click on the paypal button in the upper right corner of the screen. All donations will be used for our upcoming project, which we will announce later this year.”


Cheers to Dezowave for the hard work, it’s sad to see it get ruined in this manner. Check out a demo of Lost Alpha:


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