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Just like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood before it, Revelations is an Action Adventure 3rd Person RPG. Not much has changed in this one from Brotherhood as Ubisoft felt like they had figured out the best formula to make just about the perfect Assassin’s Creed. However they have added a few things to combat and the cities. In Revelations you can now build different kinds of bombs with different ingredients that are useful in lots of situations.  The various bombs include Caltrop Bombs (explodes caltrops that hinder your enemy’s movement), Cherry Bombs (which make a large sound that can lure guards away), Gold Bombs (Filled with coins that cause the crowds to create a distraction) and several more.

They also added a hook blade that while climbing doesn’t really add anything else but when the player is running towards an enemy can use the hook blade to vault over them and keep moving. It also allows the player to utilize the zip lines. On top of that another game mode was added within the single player called “Den Defense.” This mode is sort of like a tower defense mini game in which the player uses “resources” to buy different kind of assassin’s that defends an Assassin’s Den from the Templars. It is a nice fun way to get away from the tediousness of some of the missions.

Overall the gameplay didn’t change much however it did seem like at times they had broken the fights a little more making it more difficult to do various moves and allowed for the player to get hit more in fights. Unlike the other two games I started to get a little irritated with the bugginess of the combat and climbing at times.

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The story continues after the ending of Brotherhood in which Desmond has fallen into a coma because of the event that happened at the end of Brotherhood. His Assassin comrades decide to put him back into the Animus where he awakens to Subject Sixteen and Animus Island. Desmond must find out the location of the lost city from Ezio before the Animus deletes and purges him from the system (exactly what happened to Subject Sixteen). When he begins as Ezio he finds himself in Masyaf (The Assassin’s Stronghold from the first game) trying to open Altair’s library to discover the location of The Great Temple but there are Templars everywhere.

Ezio discovers that the way to open the library is to find the 6 Masyaf keys that are located in Constantinople/Istanbul. While he is looking for the new keys he discovers a plot by the Templar led Byzantines to retake Constantinople from the Sultans. Unfortunately I can’t give too much more in plot as it would reveal and spoil too much but suffice to say I enjoyed this story the most out of the three.

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It felt like a lot more detail went into the cities in Revelations than Brotherhood or Assassin’s Creed 2. There are a lot more colors, more subtle details and even the characters/NPCs have more life to them. The locals felt unique and the design was quite impressive. It also feels like this was a better done port that the other two as it runs better on my PC however it wasn’t without its bugs. I did get frequent bugs and crashes while playing and it did set me back a bit. However the voice acting is just as good as the other two games if not better. Roger Craig Smith has done his best as Ezio yet and all of the Turkish characters had a fine accent as well. The music actually felt more like it was made for a cinematic experience and that added to the game a lot as well.

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Overall I felt like the story was the best yet in this game however the gameplay felt forced and buggy. On top of that the game had several crashes that did make me do parts over again which was unfortunate. However with that being said and even if the score is lower I believe that this game was the better game simply because of the story (That is the part I feel is most important in a game).

Replay Value6

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