News: April 15th Big Content Patch for GW2



Coming April 15th a huge content update is coming to the Guild Wars 2 world. This will change up the gameplay substantially as they are trying to make current and end game more enjoyable for the players as they get ready to expand the map later as well. This update will include a few key points. The first of that includes the end to repairing costs. All repair stations will be free however this doesn’t come without a cost. In order to balance out the economy they are decreasing the amount of gold that events and champions drop. Doing so will prevent too much gold surfacing, though I believe this wouldn’t be a bad thing because in comparison to the gems gold is just about worthless, getting around 11 gems per gold. Compare that to the start of the game where 1 gold got you about 300-400 gems.

They are also making an update to the Mystic Forge. They are changing the way it distributes rare and exotic rewards, no real details on how but we shall hear soon I’m sure. Along with the Mystic Forge they are allowing for you to be able to change your traits, for free, anywhere in the world. This will allow for a greater ability to experiment with your builds and see what is best for different enemies in the world or different parties you are a part of.

The last huge update that we know of now is the Megaserver system. This system is being put in place in order for people to be able to play with their friends more easily. Essentially instead of putting you in your own world’s (server) instances, it will calculate what is best for you by taking into account your party, guild, language, home world and many other factors. This allows for the best matching your character can have as you level or roam around the world. Another benefit of this system is that the Megaserver system will put you in a server with a population regardless of what time of day it is, this will not however put you in an EU server if you are in a NA grouping. This creates a more persistent community within Guild Wars 2 and allows you to get to know more players. It won’t start in all maps however. It will only start in level 1-15 maps, main cities and pvp lobby to start. They will monitor it and see how it goes.

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