Electronic Super Joy: Joy Stolen.


According to Michael Todd Games, EnV’smusic is being wrongly flagged by DRM on youtube. A “DJ Smiter” has renamed and reuploaded EnV’s music, selling it at various places on the internet.

Also via michaeltoddgames on tumblr he has signed with an internet record label company, called {Merlin} Label engine. They are flagging all videos that use EnV’s music, including Electronic Super Joy, which is a great Indie platformer with a great beat.

To help stop this we can give Merlin an email or call to remove DJ Smiter’s music off their list of flaggable music tracks, and that he illegally used copyrighted music. Contact info for Merlin: http://www.merlinnetwork.org/contact

Michael Todd Games contact info is here: Michael@michaeltoddgames.com

This is a little personal considering Electronic Super Joy is a great Indie platformer, with the soundtrack being one of the most driving factors. You can pick it up on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/244870/



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