Smartwatch Preview

Last year’s Samsung’s premiere of their Smartwatch concept was loud, but was it a success?

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Samsung gear was not only expensive, worked only with select few devices (only Note3 so far) and had surprisingly disappointing battery life of what some people described was less than a day with lots of use. The gear itself was bulky and heavy. Even though the watch was some sort of a fail lunch nobody treats it as that. Samsung has opened a new path and a trend that everybody seems to be following now. There already were plethora of smart wearable electronics available like Nike Fuel Band or fundraised Pebble Smartwatch, but their features were limited to only a few actions, as compared to current concepts, a Smartwatch is supposed to be an interactive device communicating with a Smartphone (for the main brains) OR even working as a standalone device.




Samsung knows that a device that works only for a couple of hours is not what customers wanted. And is about to release Galaxy Gear 2 with battery holding up to 6 days with an actual working time ranging two to three days the watch is actually trying to grab the most out of the new market that opened especially for Smartwatches. Comptetition does not sleep. HTC announced their device and claiming they have solved battery time issue with Smartwatches. There are no pictures for that yet, but HTC promises it to be revolutionary and good looking. LG announced LG G Watch with Google Now features. Now that thought is nice, to have your watch be more than limited input and only output like others do. Even Apple works on their device as we speak too, let’s not forget about other big boys like Sony, Dell, Google, Microsoft, Pebble’s remake and even Nokia.


Google Smartwatch concept


LG G Watch


Pebble Steel

What everybody is now waiting for is the Motorola’s launch of Moto360. Google Now features and an amazing design with first on the market ROUND DISPLAY for a Smartwatch. There is not much known what will be Moto360’s specs though visually the watch is simply stunning. The watch is to be officially announced and present at Google I/O – a week after QuakeCon wink wink.





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