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*Cue Morgan Freeman talking*

Once in a while a game comes along that completely changes your perception of how you play a game, how a game’s story may impact you and the brilliance behind the characters makes you cry. South Park Stick of Truth by Obsidian Entertainment may not take it to the extreme but it is a damn fine example of what great gameplay and amazing story and characters can do. I will do the best I can to avoid large spoilers but unfortunately this game is just one giant spoiler.

*Morgan Freeman Exits as he grows another freckle on his face*

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Stick of Truth is a 2d RPG set in the world of South Park (the title kind of gave it away).  The combat is a turn based system that allows the user to attack and defend with the ability to react to certain events during combat to either block or do certain damage during an attack. Now the controls were a little wonky and hard to get used to. I used a Xbox controller while I was playing on my PC because the keyboard layout was just so strange and there were no options in the menu to change it. I would highly recommend that if you are going to play this game you do it on a controller that the game recognizes like a 360 controller. It was an added benefit that once it noticed I was using that controller it showed me the exact buttons I needed to use for different abilities and attacks.

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The Menu system played as the facebook profile for your character. You could access your friend’s feed, Inventory, Abilities, Quests, Map of the town, Collectables and set your 2nd party member for battles. It all worked well with the controller but this is the one time in the game that mouse worked really well. You get main abilities as you level up but you get Perks for the amount of friends you add on your facebook.

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If you have been watching the show the game happens right after the console wars of black Friday. The kids decide to all play Elves vs. Humans in order to have a battle over the stick of truth.  It is said that the person that holds the Stick of Truth controls the universe. So the Humans (Cartman’s camp) and the Elves (Kyle’s camp) have been fighting over it all this time. This is when your character shows up. You are the new kid that just moved into town and is suddenly brought into this epic battle. Little do you know you have a very special power that many people are after.

South Park Stick of Truth has just about every reference that you could imagine from the show including one very special one at the end of the game which I will not reveal. It has just about everything from Mr. Hanky, gingers, Canada being in 16 bit and having flappy heads, Jimmy’s stuttering, Mongolians, fart jokes, Princess Kenny and even Alien anal probing (this part was censored out of the EU version). It isn’t so much that the game is very long but Trey and Matt put in so much effort into just about every detail revolving around the story and every character that just makes the story telling of this game one of the best I’ve played.

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Now the Graphics of this game aren’t anything to write home about but South Park was never about the looks. This game felt like a 12-14 hour South Park episode and to me that means they absolutely nailed the look and aesthetics of what South Park is all about.  Along with that since Trey and Matt do most of the voice acting the Audio quality was quite good. Along with that the music wasn’t terrible on the ears allowing for me to enjoy the game without annoying music in the background, though it was repetitive and seemed like they only had a few songs.

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Overall this game was one of the most fun I’ve had in recent memory while playing the game. It was hilarious, great story, amazing characters and overall felt very much like South Park should. I seriously hope that Obsidian and Trey/Matt decide to work on a sequel because based on great of a game this was, I have no doubt in my mind that that one will be just as good if not better.


Replay Value8

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